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Updated October 28, 2020 - 11:21 PM EDT
Report: Trump Escalated Strikes in Yemen
  Trump in Yemen: New Airwars Study Shines Light on Opaque Campaign
  Satellite Images Suggest Deaths Nearly Doubled in Yemen's Aden
  Saudi Coalition Systematically Targets Bridges in Yemen
Pompeo Spreads Anti-China Message in Asia
  US Arms Sale to Taiwan Will 'Destroy Half of Chinese Invasion Force'
  Navy Secretary: China Is the Greatest Threat to US Way of Life
Erdogan Threatens New Invasion of N. Syria
  Turkey-Backed Rebels Kill 15 Syrian Troops Over Russian Airstrikes
Civilians Killed as Nagorno-Karabakh Fighting Rages
Raytheon CEO: 'Ridiculous' That Biden Would Cut Defense
item Pentagon Official Turned China Policy Over to Arms Industry and Taiwan Supporters  by Gareth Porter
item Ending Regime Change –
in Bolivia and the World
 by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item Completely Dismissing the
New York Post's Joe Biden Claims Is a Mistake
 by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Hunter's Emails: Even Russiagaters Don't Think It's Russian Disinfo  by Dave DeCamp
item Why the US Should Ratify the Treaty Banning Nuke Testing  by Abby Pokraka
item UN Envoy Touts Rewards for Israel as Gaza Starves  by Maureen Murphy

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Israel Calls for Banning Film Documenting Its Crimes in Jenin
Timid Democrats Depict Gaza Aid as Vital for Israel
Dubai to Sell Israeli Wine Made in Occupied Golan Heights
Search for Munition Dropped by US in South Korea Ends Unsuccesfully
The War at Home
Amid UAE F-35 Talks, Trump Administration Still 'Committed' to Congressional Arms Sale Reviews
US Designates Chinese Body a Foreign Mission, Quits Local Cooperation Agreement
Afghan Man Arrested in Kidnapping of NYT Journalist, Others
Lockheed to Research Air-Dropped Packaged Missiles in $25m Contract
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
US Designates Chinese Body a Foreign Mission, Quits Local Cooperation Agreement
US Plays Down China Sanctions Over Taiwan Arms
US Accuses Eight in Alleged Plot to Harass and Intimidate Citizens to Return to China
Hong Kong Activists Turned Away in Bid for Refuge at US Consulate, Advocacy Group Says
58 Civilians Killed in Last Five Days in Afghanistan: Survey
International Community to Renew Afghan Commitments at Geneva Summit: Finnish FM
Pakistan PM: Talks With India Only if Kashmir Siege Is Lifted
Fighting Erupts in Kashmir as 'Land Grab' Law Kicks In
Kashmiris Decry 'Land Grab' as India Enacts New Laws
Kashmir Daily Office, Activists' Homes Raided by Indian Agency
American Jailed for Attempt to Overthrow Vietnam Government Says He Was 'Kidnapped'
Vote Cancellations Trigger Outrage Among Myanmar Minority Voters
Philippines Paves Way to Ending Oil Exploration Row With China
Pakistan Seeks to 'Control Digital Media' Amid Anti-Government Protests
Ceasefire Efforts in Libya Stumble at Tripoli Militias' Refusal to Disband
Libyan Investigators Find More Mass Graves in Recaptured City
Belarus Minister Says Police Could Use Guns During Protests
France Dissolves Muslim NGO Barakacity
Italy Defense Budget Rebounds Despite Coronavirus Crisis
Venezuelan Refinery Damaged by 'Terrorist Attack', President Says
Twitter Shuts Down Accounts Following Israeli Pressure
Friedman: US-Israel 'Righting Old Wrongs' by Extending West Bank Agreements
US Refuses to Give Israel Former Tel Aviv Embassy: Report
US Envoy to UN: Arab Peace Initiative Is No Longer Necessary
Israel Lies After Soldiers Choke and Kill Palestinian Boy
UN Envoy Urges Independent Probe Into Death of Palestinian Teenager
US Citizens Born in Jerusalem to Have 'Israel' on Their Passports
Palestine's Olive Harvest Marred by Rising Israeli Settler Violence
Palestinians Denounce Inclusion of West Bank in US-Israel Scientific Pact
Jewish Settlers Steal Olive Harvesting Material in West Bank
Senior Hamas Official: PLO Won't Change, Reconciliation 'Nearly Impossible'
Iraq Daily Roundup: 12 Killed; Mass Grave Found
Pentagon to Deliver New Military Aid to Kurdistan in Early Nov.
Iraq Reopens Green Zone Bridge Year After Revolt
US Says 'Very Real' Risk of Turkey Sanctions Over Russian Arms
Turkey Hits at 'Crusades' Against Islam in Cartoons Row With France
Turkey's Latest Mosque Conversion Provokes Outrage Over Heritage Destruction
Middle East
Syria and Iraq Among Deadliest Countries for Journalists
Satellite Imagery of Construction Underway at Iran Nuclear Site
Lebanon, Israel Hold 2nd Round of Maritime Demarcation Talks
Saudi Arabia Set to Abolish Kafala System: Report
Sudanese in Israel Fear Deportation After Normalization, Say They Face Danger
Nigerian Army Admits Troops Deployed, Denies Opening Fire in Lekki Plaza
Moroccan Prison Guard Killed by ISIS-Linked Inmate
Tanzania Votes in Election Marred by Fraud Accusations
Guinea Opposition Chief Says Blockade of Home Lifted
Ivory Coast: Old Political Rivalries Spark New Fears of Violence
Two Accused in 2015 Mali Attacks Found Guilty, Sentenced to Death
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